the hot cocoa mama behind the lens. Thank you so much for stopping by.

I am an artist, wife, mother of 3, adventurer, traveler, and one of the goofiest people you will ever meet. I am madly in love with my family. The joy that they bring me extends into everything that I do.

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I love beautiful things...

Yes, I love makeup, beauty products, gorgeous jewelry, floral arrangements, stunning dresses, and fancy food. Boom, now that we have that out of the way, I also love long walks, dating my husband (even though we've been married 9 years), deep conversations, and coffee shops.

How It Started

I've ALWAYS been a dreamer. When I was a kid, you could always find me reading, napping, learning new things, but most of all doing something creative.

A few years back, I remember being in my backyard having a picnic with my husband and two of our children. I was very pregnant with our youngest son Beau when I decided to wobble around and take pictures of them piled on top of each other laughing. The image that I was able to capture was timeless. It was at that moment that I felt I could do this for other families.

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